How Gridlink Prepaid Works


Everything you need, from start to finish

Gridlink Prepaid has what you need to make managing your prepaid program easier. It begins with an application form for customers to fill out and for your team evaluate. It also includes the consumer facing myAccount web portal and mobile applications, as well as third-party portals for independent payment processors, brokers and payment vendors.

It’s everything you need to efficiently manage your prepaid energy program with full automation from enrollment, to disconnect, to reconnect.

The deployment choice is yours

Gridlink Prepaid can be deployed as a fully integrated adapter to a legacy CIS or as a stand-alone billing and CIS for prepaid only. The latter option allows utilities to deploy quickly and easily, with little risk.

With little to no customization, we have deployed our solution within 8 weeks from kickoff to first enrollment. It’s the perfect option for utilities considering a prepaid pilot!


Communicate, communicate, communicate

While other billing systems might offer SMS and email capabilities, Gridlink goes several steps farther and offers an auto-dialer, a mobile application an inbound SMS capabilities. Your customers will especially appreciate the alerts letting them know that their balance is low or that it’s time to add money to their account.

No need for an MDMS

While most AMI systems are extremely accurate in terms of inbound meter read data, many utilities still opt for a separate meter data management system, or MDMS. GridLink eliminates that need by providing validating, editing and estimating (VEE). You can rest assured that data will be validated and any missing data will be estimated for any given time interval.


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