SmartGridCIS can help you make the transition

Traditional electric utilities are facing many challenges. These include such things as an aging infrastructure, and an ever smarter consumer base. As the industry continues to evolve, smarter grids, smarter meters, smarter technologies and smarter consumers are quickly becoming the norm. However, outdated billing and customer information systems in the back office aren’t keeping up with these changes.

SmartGridCIS fills the gap between smarter consumers and smart meter technology.

Our innovative solutions help you:


Extract maximum value from your smart meter/AMI investment

Improve customer satisfaction by offering more creative rates, more communication channels and more payment options

Leverage a scalable, flexible architecture to make implementation and integration nearly risk-free

A customer information and billing solution that can adapt to a changing environment, and be tailored to meet your unique needs

Whether you want to completely change out your existing CIS, or want to run a stand-alone prepaid customer program, we have a solution for you. Our software gives you multiple options for managing your customers’ utility service, and they are flexible, accurate, and easy to implement.

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