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More than ever, consumers are looking for ways to save on their energy bills and make better choices about energy usage. And, they are looking to you – their retail energy provider – to give them the information they need to make those choices.

In order to do this, retailers need a game plan that will differentiate them from the competition and resonate with consumers. Ultimately, you need a solution for the “digital consumer” who is putting increasing pressure on you to provide innovative services that both attract new customers, and retain them.


Are you ready to meet the needs of your customers?     SmartGridCIS is ready.

Our innovative solutions help you:


Offer promotional incentives
– seamlessly –
to entice new customers

Leverage multiple applications and communication channels to helpretain customers

Stay ahead of the competition by offering creative rate plans and payment options

Provide customers with a variety of plan options to help them focus on reducing energy usage and save money


Everything you need in one solution – GridLinkCIS

Interval billing or EDI billing capabilities allow customers to be billed when they want to

Complex rating capabilities include true time of use, real time indexed, and many others

Complex promotional capability including dynamic credits and discounts can be built into your products

Designed to take advantage of smart meter environments for more accurate billing

Linked to multiple consumer facing applications including myAccount mobile and web portal

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