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Prepaid Utility billing solution that solves an age old problem

Traditionally, prepaid energy was offered to high-risk consumers – those with bad credit, multiple late payments, and no money for security deposits. That’s not the case anymore. Now, in many markets, prepaid energy is offered to residential consumers simply as a convenient product alternative, and the practice is becoming more widespread and successful.

Benefits for Utilities

With GridLink Prepaid, you can effectively address two issues that challenge regulated utilities today, namely uncollected revenue and customer choice. By offering a prepaid product to delinquent customers you will significantly improve collection rates and in the process, improve customer satisfaction. And as the program matures, it can be expanded as a product offering that allows your consumers to “choose” whether they want a prepaid product and all it can offer, or stay with a traditional postpay product.

minimizes bad debt
through simple
arrears recovery

Prepay allows the
utility to gain real
benefit from its
AMI and smart
meter investments

Fewer truck
rolls as meters are

No bills to print.
Customers are
billed daily and
can monitor in
near real-time

Benefits for Consumers

But prepaid is not just for delinquent and high-risk customers. Today’s consumers are “buying” into the concept of prepaid with their cell phones, prepaid debit cards, and more. So why not with their utility?

Can monitor real time use of energy and adjust consumption accordingly

Customers receive low balance alerts directly to their mobile phone or email

Customers save money with no utility deposits and only a small prepayment to get started

Customers are in control leading to higher customer satisfaction

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